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We carry adapters that help you use your WiFiSt...

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Antennas for WiFi Access Points

Antennas and antenna mountinng bracket for Acce...

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Our WiFiStand Brackets have helped changed the ...

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Ekahau at WiFiStand

Ekahau is the global leader in solutions for en...

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Ekahau Sidekick and 1-Year Ekahau Connect Support Contract

This collection contains an Ekahau Sidekick and...

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NetAlly Tools

A selection of NetAlly Products and Software to...

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Network Tools

We have gone through a number of Networking too...

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Portable Power

We carry some of the most cost-effective and ea...

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Spectrum Analyzers

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We have tried a number of tripods and stands to...

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Tilt-Up & Temporary WiFi Deployments

Everything you need for a tilt-up or temporary ...

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WiFiStand Kits

Our kits are assembled to group some of the mos...

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We Work With Almost All Wi-Fi Equipment

Deploy your Wi-Fi your way thanks to our products' almost universal compatibility.