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Finally a quick & easy way to deploy Wi-Fi.

Introducing the Wi-Fi Stand! An easy to use and simple way to get Wi-Fi devices where you need them when you need them.

Remarkably simple to use and universal by nature, it supports any wireless access point on the market with a standard drop-ceiling rail mount.

Rapid Deployment for Wi-Fi Networks

 Machined out of industrial grade, sturdy, lightweight PVC, enforced by aluminum, and slim enough for a laptop bag.  A simple device that attaches to standard inexpensive poles in seconds. Sturdy enough for even the heaviest devices. Uses a 24mm rail, standard with almost all AP models! 

We work with almost all wi-fi equipment including:

  • External Mount required: Ubiquiti U-PRO-MP

About WiFiStand

The Wi-Fi Stand was created as a solution to implementing WiFi networks fast and efficiently when & where you need them.

Using the Bracket

Mounting an AP on WiFiStand

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