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SPECTRAN® V6 5G 100XA-30

SPECTRAN® V6 5G 100XA-30
SPECTRAN® V6 5G 100XA-30
SPECTRAN® V6 5G 100XA-30

SPECTRAN® V6 5G 100XA-30

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5G real-time spectrum analyzer

Standard Housing

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Aaronia presents the SPECTRAN® V6 5G, a real-time spectrum analyzer specifically designed for monitoring 5G networks, detecting even the shortest signal interference or performance degradation. Its price/performance ratio as well as the number of available additional functions are unsurpassed. The analyzer scans 6GHz in less than 10ms (500 GHz/s), making it one of the fastest USB spectrum analyzers in the world.

Fits to your needs:

Three different versions are provided, covering the complete range of 5G bands. Simply choose the one which fulfills your requirements.

Compact and lightweight:

Due to its weight and dimensions, the V6 5G is ideal for measurements in the field and in the laboratory.Due to the modular design of the RTSA-Suite PRO software, exactly those software extensions that are really needed can be selected from a wide range.
Further upgrades can also be carried out subsequently at any time.

Made in Germany:

The SPECTRAN® V6 5G spectrum analyzer is designed and assembled in Germany, guaranteeing the highest quality standards.


Country of Manufacture Germany
Estimated delivery time Delivery time to be announced
Frequency range 24GHz-30GHz | 60MHz RTBW
Series Analyzers V6 5G


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